Short mat bowls

Coming soon!

Short mat bowls is hugely popular and widely played in several areas of the UK, but it is not so familiar in our part of Wales. We intend to change this and have recently set up three short mat bowling rinks inside the stadium. We are keen to set up a short mat bowls club within SWBRC to provide members with a greater range of bowling options

Not only is short mat bowls a lot of fun and much quicker than a traditional bowls game, it is a great way to practice and fine tune your basic skills. Also, as its played over a much shorter length of 45 feet, it is a much more gentle game physically. Short mat bowls is ideal for all ages and abilities - absolutely no one is excluded.


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If you want to become a member or would like any more information regarding South Wales Bowls & Recreation Centre or maybe have a few lessons before you take the plunge. Please do not hesitate and call us on 02920 530999 or email

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